How Can I get a quotation?

  • Please use the "Kerjen Ajanlatot" button on the main page and fill the form. Very soon you will get it.


Do you take on ragweed cutting?

  • Of course yes, please looking for us with trustingly.


How often do I have to cutting grass or What is your suggestion?

  • From March to middle of November enough to cutting in 2-3 weeks. If you have water system then more often as on 1-2 weeks.


Where can you enter gardening works in Hungary?

  • We have 4 site in Hungary (Dombrad, Debrecen, Csongrad, Pecs). We can work within 100-150km agglomeration of sites.


I am gardener,so can I work together as sub-contractor?

  • Our company have lot of employees as gardeners, we cannot to make any contract with sub-agents.